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2012-08-04Version 1.4.6 has been released
2012-05-17Version 1.4.5 released
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ASEM-51 MCU 8051 IDE

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What's the biggest problem of MCU 8051 IDE ?
25 %
Too few supported MCUs
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8 %
It's too slow
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2 votes
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4 votes
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MCU 8051 IDE

MCU 8051 IDE is integrated development enviroment for microcontrollers based on 8051.

Supported programming languages are C and assembly. It has its own assembler and support for 2 external assemblers. For C language it uses SDCC compiler.

This program is intended for Linux systems, other POSIX systems and Microsoft® Windows® system. There are packages for various Linux distributions (.RPM , .DEB and .ebuild) and an installer for MS Windows®.

This IDE contains simulator, source code editor, assembler, HW programmer and much other tools. Simulator supports over 79 MCU primarily from Atmel.

HW programmer supports 8 ISP programmable MCUs from Atmel (AT89Sxx, AT89LSxx).

There is also support for simple hardware simulation (like LEDs, keys, etc.).

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You can find more screenshorts at

Operating systems

Fedora Fedora
This software (MCU 8051 IDE) is a part of Fedora Electronic Lab project. So Fedora and CentOS users can install MCU 8051 IDE with yum install mcu8051ide . But also there is a RPM package avaliable in the download section on this site.
Ubuntu Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc.
You can download Debian package from the download section. Or you can just type sudo apt-get install mcu8051ide in terminal emulator.
Gentoo Gentoo Linux
There is provided Gentoo ebuild in the download section. You just need to follow installation instructions included in the ebuild package.
Arch Linux Arch Linux
There is a PKGBUILD file available in the download section, installing from it is just like installing from the AUR (Arch User Repository).
Microsoft® Windows®

Microsoft Windows
Oh yes! There is also version for this operating system and it can be downloaded in the download section. If you want to use the C language in the IDE, please install also the SDCC -- Small Device C Compiler.

Windows version is available since v1.3.5, April 2010. Versions prior to 1.4.2 requires that the ActiveTcl is installed on the system, otherwise they won't run.

Other Other systems ...
For other distributions or even for other operating system than Linux there is a source code package avaliable in the download section. To install MCU 8051 IDE must install all dependecies mentioned in README file (included in source package) and then run:
# cmake .
# make
# make install

If you want, you can create your own instalation package for this software and post it to me <> to make it avaliable to other users to use.

Do you want something new or something changed ? :) Here is my email: <>

Note that purpose of this table is only to provide some summary and definitely not to express which OS is more important. For instance I use Gentoo Linux but the firts mentioned Linux is Fedora and the second one is Ubuntu. This table doesn't take care of order of items listed there ... :)


If is anything there what would you like to see implemented or if you have any suggestions, you can discuss it on the forums or write a mail to <>.


If you want to become one of authors of the project, please write me <>.

This project needs more people, currently there are missing hardware specialists, software programmers (C++, Tcl, C, Assembler x51) and more and more people ...
The IDE is primarily written in Tcl/Tk and HW is in C++ and Assembler. But there are no strict rules determining which languages are allowed to use and which are not ...

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If you think you have found a bug, please report it either via or via mail <>. I can't fix it if I don't know about it.

Photos of some hardware tools for this IDE

Simple programmer & development board for AT89Sx microcontrollers

PLCC expansion kit for the device above

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