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MCU 8051 IDE

Last news:
2012-08-04Version 1.4.6 has been released
2012-05-17Version 1.4.5 released
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ASEM-51 MCU 8051 IDE

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Needless image (but well looking)General Discussion
A place to discuss MCU 8051 IDE
116672017-10-26 11:51:55
Needless image (but well looking)Suggestions
Want something new ?
2492013-07-19 16:47:30
Needless image (but well looking)Installation problems
Failed to install MCU 8051 IDE ?
20142018-02-26 20:19:46
Needless image (but well looking)Other problems
Experiencing some run-time problems ?
53342017-09-12 19:32:37
Allan Lira
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