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MCU 8051 IDE

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2012-08-04Version 1.4.6 has been released
2012-05-17Version 1.4.5 released
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ASEM-51 MCU 8051 IDE

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Martin Ošmera
Project founder

Place of origin: flag Brno, flag Czech republic, flag European Union
Place of residence: The City of Brno
Date of birth: 28nd January 1988
Gender: Male
Native language: Czech
Other languges: English
Timezone: UTC + 1 hour (or +2 hours)
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Story behind this project

Opensource is about people, experience and technology ...

Chitlesh Goorah <founder of Fedora Electronic Lab> once said me:
I contribute to the opensource community during my free time and I made many friends at the Fedora project which makes my contribution exciting. Most of my fedora colleagues are software/IT engineers and worked for fedora during their free time. At the fedora project we participate because we make friends and the atmosphere is great.

I began work on this IDE during my studies on high school. Originaly it suppose to be a simple simulator for old Intel 8051 microcontroller. After aproximately 3 months I had the firts usable version (0.8 beta). This version contained macro-assembler, instruction set simulator and source code editor and practically nothing else. It was very simple and very buggy IDE. But I liked it because it was my own work and it was functional and usable. And it was a really good feeling. :)

I got some positive reactions to this project from a few people and my interest in it started to grow up. So I was writing more and more code and after some time this IDE grew up into something quite big. I was getting more and more reactions from user and they encouraged me to make it even bigger and better. Despite the fact that high school where I studied refused to use it for education purposes. They said that in their opinion they cannot use Linux because it's too complicated to use. And this software runs on Linux. Well regrettably not everyone has a brain in the head.

When I have come to university I decided to close this project up. Close everything up. Disappear far away in nowhere forever. Lose all of my endeavour. Carried away by a moonlight shadows to the land of withered meadows. I was a bit down at heel at the time. And I was thinking more about sence of life than computer programming. After some time and some medical intervention I have come back. And now I am starting new projects and continuing in this one.

It was always one man project, I just didn't dare to invite more people. I would like to change that unpleasant fact and make it much more about people ! I hope this project is helpfull and eventually more people will join me ...


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